quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015


He: How r you?
Hey! :Me
I'm good. You? :Me

He: Good-just lost a bet and a friend made me lick her feet lol

Ahahah :Me
What kind of bet you've lost? :Me

He: Sports lol
He: I liked it :P
You like sports? Me too! :Me
But the most popular back home is soccer which I'm a huge fan :) :Me

He: Haha
He: Would u be into having ur feet licked? :P
No thanks :Me
I'm not a feet fan :Me

(end of conversation)

7 comentários:

  1. strange...mas sometimes from strange dialogues come pleasant moments...never knows...wtf!

    1. as I said the conversation ended after this, he was not interested.
      and neither was I! I don't want moments, especially with someone that talks about feet... wtf

    2. always acid...moments, if desired, have no time...better...what is time on moments!

    3. glad you find me always acid! :)
      I really don't understand how you can glimpse a moment here with this kind of conversation... is it the new hookup chat? if so, wanna try it? :)

  2. glimpse is that...a mysterious instant on life...try always a condition to live the life, even hear :-)