quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015


(Brooklyn Bridge, NY)

I've lost my fairytale romance. Gone. Vanished. Lost it over some unknown grudge. Lost my one chance to have my soul mate.

Years go by and nothing happens.
Changed pretty much everything trying to find it, searching for someone, begging to be loved. Nothing happens. Either an invisibility cloak fell over me, or I turned into a ghost.

Nowadays there's sex.
Romance is gone with the wind.
Still figuring out what am I doing wrong. 'Cause there's gotta be something, right?

Love can touch us one time during our lifetime, and never let go until we're gone.

segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015


Today I gave myself the time to watch 'The Bible' series.
The story told in scriptures couldn't be more real to our time...
Across ancient times many men ruled the world, claimed themselves as kings. Perpetrated all kinds of cruelties guided by greed, power, money, intolerance, selfishness. What drove these madness? Fear. Fear lies within us and lead us to make all kinds of atrocities to human kind. Fear to loose power. Fear to loose money. Fear to loose the loved one.

People are people.
The more afraid they are,
The more stupid they are.
Let's think about Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss. A kiss! Isn't that curious? How much betrayal these days often happens with a kiss. The simplest gesture of affection, yet so full of meaning. Nowadays we do exactly the same. Betray one another in kisses. But Judas hanged himself to death, filled with shame. Shame that we seemed to forgot what it is. Shame that we do not feel while doing all sorts of cruelties. Not the ones sensed in the flesh, but silent cruelties that touch and wound the soul.
We often sit to see what the men of today keep doing, as those souls who watched Jesus Christ carry His cross in the streets. And nothing is done, out of fear again. And a sense of powerless hands to reason what is right.
Of all the miracles that Jesus made, it often occurred a hand stretched out to help those who were on the ground. To help them to get up on their feet. Because one person needs help to get up and move forward. On other occasion, a man helped Jesus to carry His cross, as if he was saying "I won't let you fall, I won't let you fail". Because one person needs someone to believe in him to carry his own believes. Those who have never sinned can throw the first stone. Judgment is not at our hands to throw upon somebody. None of us is pure of sin.

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do".

Yes, they don't know what they do, but they should. We should have known from the very start. We needed as much forgiveness then, as we need it now. We are still driven by fear to do all sorts of madness.
Suffering produces perseverance
that builts character
which brings hope.
I've lost hope many times, but not faith. And those who believe, who live in truth and love, with an open hearth, are those who have to endure most tests and traps. Their endeavor is filled with tears, often out casted from others. Because the mad side brings strength and power and illusions. Which becomes an addiction, as our own brand of heroine.
Aren't we all spectators?
Aren't we all blind?

quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

Why do I think so differently?

Love has disappeared. Passed away. Dead. Buried. Forgotten. Rotten. All the happy feelings are, for that matter. It's sad really. Enormously sad and disturbing.
People are numb, absorbed in having more, being better. More of what? Better than who? We are all unique in our own way. We don't need to get over somebody to feel that we are.
All in pursuit of feeling something, but afraid to acknowledge that. To even think what it is that is missing.
People just skip from one avoiding subject to the next one, that's what keeps them alive and joyful. Just avoid what is troublesome and move on, without caring for the damage that it leaves behind. If it doesn't hurt themselves, the better. Avoidance after avoidance. But the problem don't just disappear, unless it's solved. So, avoiding it does not solve it. Understand that!
People these days, are like The Walking Dead TV show. But unfortunately, the few remaining humans that are trying to survive. And as we have been seeing in the show, the majority of them are just bad people who wants to hurt the other ones because they have something the bad people want. By all means, do it. Kill if they have to.
But you know what? This is not survival. We are not in an apocalyptic scenario. Not yet, anyhow. So, chill. Take a deep breath and be thankful for just being alive. Do the best you can for yourself, but not at the expense of others. We live in a free world, but we are not completely free. Not free for any action or speech, at least.
Honesty, respect and truth make the best of you. It makes you trustworthy. But you have to start being truthful to yourself first. And regarding to others, you have to first accept the "no's" before you love the "yes's" about those others. Otherwise, you'll end up avoiding what you don't like and hurting others by not accepting them exactly as they are. The one that backs out first might be the most intolerant. Just might be. Think about it.
How many times do I have to be buried and forgotten, to actually be allowed to live?

Where are they?

"You talk too much."

This is how relationships and meeting new people means these days.

But I'm glad.
At least, he was honest!