segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2015

Central Park!

Finally went there!
I was hoping for that since I arrived.
One of the most gorgeous places I know. And more important, one of the most peaceful. Seeing it with all that snow made my day shine. Despite the cold, and it was freezing that day, I felt pure joy and peace walking down the park.
As the trees that are undressed there, I am also getting undressed of the past and embracing my new life, as a full new yorker girl. Always dreamt of getting back to this city and made it. So, never stop believing what you wish for, 'cause probably it will happen!

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015


I've said it a few times. Thought about it a few more.
And it's the only chance.
For a messed up girl like me, only a messed up guy would do the trick.
We can only relate to the things that we know, understand and is compassionate about.
That means we can be more supportive and close with those we can relate to.
Empathy is a beauty.
And it happens through the small things, the ones that we are not aware of.
There's one small detail.
Usually men don't give too much importance to the little things. Which are mainly the things that women are more picky about.
Usually men are OK, everything's fine. When women are 'oh, something happened today' or 'you can't even imagine what just happened' or 'what the hell am I doing here'!
Messed up is the big question.
How messed up are you? Have you thought about it recently?

domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2015


Low self-worth.
Do you know what it means?!
The type of person that thinks first of everyone else's wellfare.
It's it's goal to help!
Looks at things from their various perspectives, being every time at the bottom list. Hardly considers itself as the important one. And even when is thought that it's being what others call as 'selfish', it actually isn't.
Knows herself better than anyone. Faces those brown expressive eyes every day in the mirror. Has a hard time accepting compliments. Never stops to think that it's worth it.
Stuborn as hell! But when it comes to decisions, never hits first place.

sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2015

To do list

Bought some furniture... Check!
Done some paperwork... Check!
What's next?!

I was actually trying to relax, watching some movie on my laptop. But got agitated, always tossing and turning on the couch. It turns out I was feeling wet! Begun to touch myself, slowly at first. With just the tip of my fingers, circuling my wet skin between my spread legs. Feeling the desire rising, the hunger spiking. Touched myself 'til I cum. As it was your fingers on me....

terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

Silence ...

... it's actually refreshing!
As it is the snow and the cold outside!

Being on my own once again. Away from everything I know.
Just with that extra time to feel me, who I am, who I want to be. Tons of time to think. No friends and an empty apartment to fill my days. That and a great job! The kind of job where people trust you to ask things; where 'what the hell that you've been doing all long' actually matters.

I'm standing on the edge of my yet small professional path. I'm excited. Refreshed. Out of place because everything's new, but good. It feels really good!

Isn't this town perfectly gorgeous?!

domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2015


Here I am in an empty apartment now.

Where to begin?!


Lust has come to the Big Apple!
Has arrived a few days ago. With many large bags, she has come for good!

Here I will bring every other aspect of my daily life, always in English, and... of course... SEX!! 
Lots of it I hope! I'm hungry and horny, I confess!

Feel free to step into my NYC life, 
You're most welcome!

This house rules: native language is English (even comments!)!