quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2015


day of rain, fog and thunder.
day of sadness, loneliness and doubts...

i help the colleagues at work, they barely speak to me.
i help the boss, he's attentive if i have everything i need and compliment me all the time.
is this competition? what is it?

i'm not eating well, not familiar with the flavors.
i'm not sleeping well, i guess the bed is not working anymore.
and i'm getting myself sick all the time.
don't know what to do...

over and out!

terça-feira, 17 de março de 2015

People are people.

The more afraid they get,
the more stupid they get.

Learning ...

I've been away.
Wondering around in Manhattan.
Looking for shops, getting the house all set up to make you my guests.
Meeting the most extravagant people you may imagine.
Just love to sit in the subway and look around, just observing so many different cultures, backgrounds, religions, languages, tastes, feelings. You don't feel judgement in this town.

Learning how it feels to be appreciated.
It's strange. It feels out of place.
Some loneliness makes you think.
It brings a lot of baggage. And you should be humble to carry it. I mean, you must learn how to live with it. Look at every peace of you and your surroundings, and still make the best of it.
Already caught two colds, and I'm still smiling.
Tryed to bake a cake only by hand.

Time to roll the dice and try one more time.
Would you bet?

quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015


That body of yours that I feel inside me.
Thoughts of mine that linger between your thighs.

Eager to inhale the scent of your desire.
Dragged to lick your hard on.
Pulled against your body.

What shape takes that body of yours when I'm not in it?